I don’t usually work Saturdays at the cafe but I was defiantly on this Saturday for a reason. Winding down after the Saturday lunch rush the last thing I expected was a photography opportunity to walk through the door. Literally

When some body walks in with hair this cool its hard to stay quiet and not ask if you can take their picture, and thats exactly what I did. Well kind of. 

First I asked her friend if her hair was legit and she confirmed, then I asked if it might be possible to take her picture. That's when her friend threw her in the deep end. She gave me her details and said "yes yes yes you can take her picture"!

What a creepy guy complete with a moustache, she must have thought when I asked her if  I could take her photo. Pretty strange I know, but something I definitely do NOT regret.

Here is a little quote from Chiara after the photo session, once she had seen some of the photos I took. 

“Another item to add to my list of random/crazy things that happen to me: A stranger in a little cafe in Orange somehow convinced me to let him and his wife photograph me and my mane. Despite almost every person I told telling me that they were 110% going to be murderers, turned out they weren't, and his photography is actually very very good. 11/10 would recommend checking him out and liking his page".

Thank you Chiara for allowing me to take some photos of your amazing mane, and thank you for trusting people you have never met to take you out on a photo shoot.