Adventurous Wedding Photography In Central West NSW Australia
Capturing Beautiful Adventurous Wedding Photography In Central West NSW Australia


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When Nathan first asked me if I would like to photograph his proposal, I was a mix of nerves and excitement. This was because it was one of my first serious jobs. Soon the excitement took over those nerves as I began to realize what a great honor and privilege it was to even be asked to be present for such a defining moment. So Nathan and I went to the location to scout out and see where he would pose the big question. As we were standing there with a beautiful panoramic view in the background I could just see the excitement in Nathan, it was written all over his face and in his voice.  So we departed, knowing that when we returned, that the Q would be popped.


January 1st 2015

We had planned for me to be there early, but as this was my first high pressure job, I decided to get there even earlier, and make sure that I was as well hidden as I could be whilst still being in the best location. Once I was in position I waited, nerves and so excited for what I knew was about to take place. After about 15-20 minutes of waiting I heard them coming. I was excited, but surely not as excited as Nathan and Carrie would be in a moments time.

As they climbed the last set of stairs to the look out, I started shooting. They walked to the railing and he whispered something in hear ear. Then in this beautiful place he dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring and asked her to marry him.


After some truly beautiful breath taking moments I am glad to say that I got to capture this moment, so that it may be cherished forever. Thank you Nathan and Carrie for letting me capture your "Milestone Moment"

-Nathan & Carrie-