Adventurous Wedding Photography In Central West NSW Australia
Capturing Beautiful Adventurous Wedding Photography In Central West NSW Australia

Commonly Asked Questions

Wedding Photographer Central West Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo, Lithgow Blue Mountains. Ask me anything.


Commonly asked questions


The moustache. Does it get annoying ?

J. K Rowling once said “the truth is always easier than a lie”. So hear it is. Yes, the moustache does get annoying at times. Usually when eating but its something that I have adapted to. So If you want to see me struggle to eat something at any point during your wedding day just bring me an ice cream cone with no spoon and watch me struggle. Its almost impossible to eat it without my mo getting caked.

How do I book ?

You know what they say, first in best dressed - whoever is first to place both the 25% deposit and sign their Wedding Agreement Contract has the date. And I think it goes with out saying that step number one is contact me.

Can we meet you?

YES YES YES! I would love to meet you. Lets go for coffee. My shout. Alternatively. We could Skype.

Do you offer engagement sessions? 

Yes, Engagement sessions are almost a must have, as they help me see how comfortable your are in front of the camera. Engagement sessions also allow you time to ask any questions or share any concerns you may have.